Shoot, Anyone can shoot

It always amazes me how tragic events such as the Naval Yard shooting brings analysts out of the woodwork. From the media, to the boy next door, everyone brings their world-class opinion to the forefront, piling data on top of data to present a seemingly logical explanation for what caused the person to do the illogical act. For the life of me, I can’t understand that if the dots were always there, why wasn’t someone connecting them? We seem to figure out in a matter of hours, what a lifetime pattern couldn’t reveal. Maybe it’s a little too much for my simple mind to grasp, but how does reverse-psychology work after the fact? The realist in me would bet my future social security check that it doesn’t, but even that’s not secure. Must we continue to lose life in the masses, while we overlook the red flags that are waving constantly in our faces? Dangerous people with access to dangerous weapons is a lethal combination, but how can only one person be held accountable for a tragedy that thousands of people aided and abetted? Until we collectively become intolerant of abnormal behavior, and stop granting all-access passes to our local and global security, we must brace ourselves for yet another life-changing tragedy in our midst. Miss me with all the post-psychological babble and grant me a layman’s term for this nonsense. We all know that anyone can shoot, but when will we become proactive in discussing the real trigger to our human demise?


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