Daily Prompt: Bend In Time

I’m beginning to notice a change
and it surprises me so I can’t seem to arrange
my thoughts in order to decide whether it’s good or bad
and it’s sad when things begin to happen that way
because you can’t seem to think of the right words to say.
But if I correctly remember, she said it would be September.
The months have gone by and the pace has changed so
I hardly even know how to deal with you anymore.
I guess if the score was evened once and for all,
there’d be no need to recall who got the best of who,
or when this all took place
because as a matter of fact, time could never erase
those special moments that we called our own.
Whether sparks flew or love grew, we understood and both knew
that patience was the key.
But just for the record, when the boat did rock,
tell me, who was it that changed the locks?
Perhaps only the keeper of the clocks can tell
that in the midst of the rapid pace,
the locks weren’t changed but just as well
the keys were misplaced.
Now that we’re on opposite sides of the door,
are we afraid the key no longer fits, or is there more?
Perhaps even now you’re bold enough to say
the key no longer fits and you like it that way,
but I am one with just cause to believe
what everyone, including you, perceives
to be a definite loss on my account, is only a deterrent which will amount to a test of time.
If the keeper of the clocks could this far see,
perhaps she is a believer in you and me,
and as we grow and change and learn,
the keeper of the clocks may burn in our hearts
a greater desire to stir the coals and start a fire.
Until the heat of regret sets in,
perhaps our paths will grow more thin,
and while time may never again be on our side,
the bend in it will reduce our pride.
We’ll be better able to deal with our thoughts,
and pay more attention to the keeper of the clocks.


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