Mindless Clutter

My life is becoming one big heap
of things that have piled up while I sleep.
For a while it has been this way–out of order,
and admittedly I must say, I’ve become a hoarder.
Not physically, but mentally, which has to be the worst,
because you know it, but can’t control it and get back on course.
The things people do and most of what they say
become a part of you and they get in the way,
of life, of living, of all things great,
and your vision becomes clouded, the path no longer straight.
You try your best of get rid of them one at a time
as you pick and choose what’s heaviest on your mind.
But then the lightweights fool you as they take up space
in this already crowded, over-utilized place.
The only cure to this senseless addiction
is to start cleaning your house with full conviction,
trashing every single thought that is weighing you down,
and opening up a pathway that is safe and sound.
You will look better, feel better and think better too,
with an open mind and a scenic view!


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