Essentially Disposable

I know I am not the only one who has been thinking that I was an essential employee. I mean, I must have been, because over a span of three careers and a couple of moonlighting gigs, every one of my bosses has harped on me about the necessity of being at work, being on time, and pulling my weight. I’ve gotten several perfect attendance awards, Employee of the Month, and even a parking space right up front for an entire week. Forget the postal service… through rain, sleet or snow, I was there burning the candle at both ends. Surely this was evidence of a mutual understanding that if I wasn’t there, the entire operation would cease to be. Right? And I know they appreciated it, because I got several promotions, and what did I do? I started harping on my employees the same way. Doesn’t every leader dream of mentoring someone and being able to see mini you following the same path? Yes sir! So, imagine my surprise when the recent government shutdown revealed that my position was non-essential. With no warning, no apology and no recourse, I suddenly realized that I had been gifted with yet another title, Essentially Disposable!


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