Daily Prompt: Pep Rally


I know that you have self-diagnosed,

and in the world you live in, I am certain

that you think it is appropriate to self-medicate.

In the world that I live in,

the belief that, if you are breathing, you should be living,

is the foundation whereby every mistake is an opportunity

to try again,

and every door that is closed redirects you to another path

to which you may achieve the same or even better results.

If you give up without trying, you have failed to take advantage of

your inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness.

Sometimes in life, for whatever reason, the path we choose

may not be the best to take, and even if we do,

it is never too late to turn around.

While it doesn’t always happen overnight, it does happen

over time.

Just as life has a way of bringing you down,

living also has a way of bringing you up.

Letting go, sometimes means holding on,

to who you are, who you were, who you might become.

I am here for you, I am here with you,

and whether you are winning or losing,

never forget that

I am your biggest fan!



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