Daily Prompt: Fear Factor

If there was nothing to fear, except fear itself, I would be way ahead of the game.  The thing that I fear most is the loss of my sanity.  With mental health issues fast becoming the  common denominator amongst many global disturbances, I have become more fearful of losing my mind, than of losing any limb that I have.  While the obvious choice would be to have all remain intact, I am certain that I would have a rebellious coping mechanism that would undermine any serious chance at recovery.  Even now, when I have temporary lapses in memory of things that aren’t even important, it disturbs me so much that I can’t concentrate on the things that I do know and remember.  I concern myself with memory loss, dementia and other mental impairments about as much as I concern myself with the daily task of picking out attire for work.   How will it look?  Will I be comfortable in it?  How will others view it on me? are all questions that seem relative when it comes to the fear I have of the shroud that will cover me.  While we don’t always get to choose the health issues that impact us physically and emotionally, I would like to be in control of who I am versus what I do, for as long as I can. and it is scary to think of it any other way.


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