Snarky Smirkers: Beware

I love to hear words that were used at a time when life wasn’t so complicated.  While it may not have been the simple life, in comparison to some of the modern-day phraseology that is going on now, I find comfort in hearing the words, phrases or even music that soothes my soul and takes me back.  Most times the source is known and comes from those who are my age or older, and it isn’t often that I think twice when I hear them.   So imagine how taken aback I was this week when I heard the words snarky and smirker from two different generations in a public forum two days apart.  As humorous as it may have been, I was concerned because each was used in a negative context as in “No one wants a snarky person on the phone,” and “everyone hates a smirker.” I immediately felt afraid for the Snarky Smirker who unwittingly says something and displays an emotion befitting the expression.   Possibly, this is because there are times when I can be a bit snarky in person and over the phone, and there are times when I smirk just because it seems to be an automatic reflex when there is no other recourse.   Whether I am preaching to the choir or have a captive audience, Snarky Smirkers be aware, the comfort zone is no more….


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