Those Who Can…..Teach!

I am a lifelong learner.  I realized this a long time ago as many lessons have been learned through phases of my life that never could have been taught in the classroom.  Having been a facilitator/trainer in a few of those phases, I have come to understand that although there isn’t always a traditional setting for learning,  there are teaching moments that can take place anywhere, and the setting should never compromise the moment if there is a true lesson to be learned.  So while driving my friend to pick up his newly repaired vehicle from the shop two weeks ago, I was engaged in deep conversation about something I don’t remember, and in mid conversation he interrupted me to remind me that he had recently been in a serious auto accident and didn’t really appreciate me looking at him, while I was talking to him, in the midst of driving.  Understanding his nervousness, I took one for the team and turned back around, looked straight ahead and drove along.  A week later when I had to repeat the favor because the repairs were improperly done, I was reminded once again, and on top of that, I was told how he had to remind someone else, and he didn’t understand why he had to keep reminding everyone how to drive.  Having already taken one for the team, I realized that a teaching moment was eminent and I turned completely around in the seat, while driving, and said,  “Listen here Bucko, I have never been in an at-fault accident in my entire 35 years of driving, your other friend has never been in an at-fault accident, and you have been in three in the last four years, so do the math and realize that you are not the best one for giving driving instructions..and by the way, those who can….teach!”


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