If P.O.P. Culture Is To Blame, Who’s Next?

It amazes me how quickly and how easily the fingers are pointed when it comes down

to holding someone accountable for their thoughts which most frequently turn into

words we wish had gone unnoticed. While there is a public and professional persona

that we must never lose sight of, there is an underlying theme that keeps reoccurring

amongst these events.  We have easily lost sight of the fact that a position of privilege

has members in every sector of society.  It is diverse in that it is inclusive of attitudes,

thoughts and feelings that each member of its group feels entitled to just by the segment

of society that it represents.

 In my life experiences, I have come to realize that the mentality that we armor ourselves

with is borne of the sheer desire that we as humans have to live and breathe comfortably

within the range of our circle of impact. The values that our cultures have impregnated

us with are mothered, fathered and co-parented by the catering of services to each

group our position of privilege represents. Whether your position of privilege is defined

by your race, height, sex, financial status (rich or poor), age or hair color, you will

naturally feel entitled to the things that society or your own mind has made available to

your group.

As with anything, some of us go way too far in our display of entitlement. While

many of us can wear it as an accessory that comes with the package, some of us must

verbalize our feelings in order to justify our positions in circumstances that we deem

necessary for survival. Whether behind closed doors, or in an open forum, we must

be careful how we project our feelings in the guise of protecting ourselves and our

segments. While most of us can attest to having said something behind closed doors

that should not have been, only some of us are aware that members of our own groups, however

segmented, can be our worst enemies when the stuff hits the fan.    If we are to blame a Position Of Privilege culture for our inability

to separate our thoughts from our words, then we must brace ourselves for the interrogation that the society in which we live will

follow through.  If given an opportunity to redeem ourselves for falling victim to our own lapse in judgment, we must be smart enough

to realize that ignorance only works once as a defense.




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